Thursday, August 12, 2010

3d is amazing

sitting in the cinema, trying out the glasses through the 3d trailers and my friend turns to me and says "wow this 3d is amazing" noting the lifelike qualities of the lady on the screen. except she wasn't on the screen. she was standing right in front of us. he reminds me a little of karl pilkington. he also said they should do noisy food in the cinema. speaking of which the guy next to me was eating his popcorn like an elephant monkey - a full hand scoop to the face. over and over. he was but a third of the way through his dumbo sized container when he dropped the contents over the kid in the seat in front (accidentally). i hi fived my friend, knowing i would no longer have to put up with his poorly timed home made sound effects.

i finally moved into a flat and have internet. this means i can play poker and no longer have to resort to live tournaments. i played an event at the luton gukpt and it mostly served to remind me why i hate live play. to top it off i lose a bunch in the cash games too. in a standard reminiscent of 1p/2p games i used to play when i was 5.
it all started off badly when the casino told me my timberland shoes were trainers and i wasn't allowed in. nor could i wear my hoodie. after finally getting in i notice about 50% of the bums moseying around are wearing actual  trainers. like running shoes.
at least i picked up some useful nuggets of information from these live players. pre tournament i heard one giving advice to another "just be careful when looking at your cards. the 5 looks like a 6."
i also saw a hand where the board ran out ajj44 and a guy with a8 who folded preflop saw the winner take it with a7 and said "even if i called it would have only been a split"
took about 20 seconds for someone else to work out the 8 plays, and this guy had to be told 3 times, still didn't understand but said "oh yeah, err, i see, split pot" in acting so bad neighbours would sign him up.
so what i'm saying is i lost to people who don't even know what hand ranking is.

on that note i need to go to sleep. played a bit of poker today. still no idea how much p/l so far this month. i am though now 20k vpp from retaining supernova status, and want to clear more of it this month as i think i'm gonna be away a bunch in September.

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