Sunday, May 16, 2010

you only tilt when you're winning

i once wrote a post about how i should stop looking at how much i'm winning/losing as it affects my play. i mostly was thinking about the losing side as this gets most coverage. obviously it's tougher to keep going when you're losing and it can cause bad play which causes more losses and this spirals into a decimation of money in account and less sleep in bed.

however, something i had completely neglected until recently was how winning affects me. i recently read someone else mention that winning can cause you to 'tilt'. i never realised how much this phenomenon affected me until last week. i really noticed that i also cared less about each decision when i was winning as my mentality was 'this hand doesn't matter, i'm winning loads even if i lose it.'
that was a session  set to be my best ever till i gave away half the winnings and didn't really care.
as such, it's another compelling reason not to check winnings/losses at least during the session. something i finally managed to do (or not do!) tonight.

i also need to stop obsessing over ptr and daily results. gonna try to check ptr once a week at most (and then cut down to once a month if i can)

after being 6k down in the year (twice) tonight i hit +5 figures which feels pretty good. hopefully i can start putting some volume in and see where it takes me.

kinda forgot my plan to try to include a picture with every post. here was my facebook inbox a couple of weeks ago.

i wonder if facebook is stealing other people's messages too?


Highstack said...

Not interested. Post requires more pictures of Swedish architecture.

Highstack said...

Ok - help!
I've done the first bit (thx) and gone into the html edit thing and found the links bit to put some more in ... but how do I change it to show when they were last updated please?

Oh btw I've included yours. I didn't want to, but felt I should if you were helping. I'll delete the link when you've done :-)


Mudwig said...

i think i make a mistake
you'll need to add a 'gadget' called blog list. the current one you use (links) doesn't have the functionality to do the sort by update and time of update stuff.
after you add the gadget blog list, you'll see where to add links etc (can copy and paste from links)

Highstack said...

Cool that makes sense now to find my Inspector!

Highstack said...

Oh fuck it! I haven't even got a 'layout' tab (mine should be titled layabout). I'm proper fucked now! I guess that I'll need to update it somehow first
sorry :-)

Mudwig said...

you must do! when you go to the dashboard there must be something there?
edit posts, settings, layout, etc??

Highstack said...

I'm sure that I haven't (bet you wish that you hadn't tried to be so helpful now :-) )

I don't think I have your email, but I'll see if I can find it from your profile


Highstack said...
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Anonymous said...

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