Monday, May 10, 2010


not ice cream, but stars's super tournament fest.
after complaining that tournaments tilt me i could do nothing but enter a couple yesterday. one was a 200 runner winner goes to south africa for the football thing where i busted 40somethingth.
the other was a scoop mid buy in winner goes home (or stays sat at home in his/her pyjamas) with many billions of dollars. (or maybe just one hundred and seventy thousand of them for company. i forget which but it was too many to count in one go).

4500 runners started and i had beat off over 4400 but with my sore hand, tired mind and no more chips i could no longer continue and went to bed with a profit earnt (/won?) at a mere few dollars per hour. over 10 hours of play, but i'm not too disappointed. i think i did ok considering i don't know what i'm doing and i wasn't far from making lots in one fell swoop.

but now, having gone to bed at close to 5am and getting up before 9 (ok, waking up close to 8, and getting up after 9) i am tired. i think i would like to work at google where they have a nap area. i miss that about the early years of primary school. siesta's. only the spanish kept up the idea of a national siesta every single day. almost makes me want to move there. that, along with the fact that the hot women can't say thirty, but instead pronounce it dirty. tempting...


Highstack said...

nice result mate - be smug in the top 2% - you'd only spend the cash and where's the fun in that?

WontDieWondering said...

Nicely played mate - sounds like you were nearly there

Mudwig said...

cheers ladies, always nice to have comments. sometimes i forget people read this nonsense. sometimes even i forget to read it.
as for spending cash, i'm saving for a house. at this rate i'll be able to put 50% down in 2012.
oops, typo, i meant 3012.

Jumper said...

2012 - the world ends so don't bother with the deposit. Eat , drink and shag IMHO.

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