Tuesday, August 04, 2009

life thoughts

firstly, today i once again experienced the need to go to the toilet whilst being thirsty. i find this highly inefficient of my body. i know i need to get rid of the urea, but surely it can wait a few hours whilst the water about to be expelled is recycled around my body saving me doing two sets of activities. it would be killing two birds with no stones. anyway.

i had become lazy recently, but am now back in the working out/ eating lots/ learning russian mode. russian is a carazy language to learn, especially when you grow up in england where learning languages is as alien a concept to people as driving in the left hand lane.

which brings me nicely onto my next point. i spent much time recently getting annoyed with how terrible other people drive, and i think the negative traits that lead to road rage also lead to terrible poker play. wanting to correct how other people drive, impatience and not relaxing are all things i want to avoid including in myself as traits. so i have decided to make an effort to revert to how i used to be. i'm not sure why these changes have come about. maybe these things happen as you get older. i'm sure my taste buds have gone odd recently, thinking nice food doesn't taste so nice. but obviously they are wrong because i wouldn't call nice food nice, if it didn't taste nice. so i will continue to listen to my brain and not my tongue.

i also have to decide what to do with my life when i finish school in about six months time. this is quite a big decision that i will probably get wrong and have to change sometime down the road. only i have to actually decide and do something when i finish. if i do play poker for money it will only be short term (6months at most i think) as in general i want to do something more valuable and interesting.
after all, it's not really about money.
as a wise bruce once said, nowadays, once you have enough money for house/food and other necessities (eg sky and internet) any other extra money isn't so important. kinda like chips in a tournament where they become worth less the more you have. (obviously more money helps immensely but some other things should take priority)

if anyone knows of cool jobs please inform me. i once got a job offer of air traffic controller which is not the person who stands on the runway with flags as two of my friends thought. though i didn't take it for a couple of reasons, it sounded pretty interesting.


Anonymous said...

I almost became an air traffic controller for the RAf but my ex fell prgnant with Pud Jr and that was the end of that.

Stressful job but you get to go all over the world and I bet each day is different.

would-be said...

Good luck with the Russian, mate. I've been meaning to start learning it myself, but have never got around to it. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

рыба!!! (fish)

Bossanova21 said...

Needing a piss whilst thirsty, I've often wondered why that occurs too.

Usually though, if you hold on a bit, the need for a piss dwindles as the need for a drink increases.

Mudwig said...

iirc army air traffic controllers were one (or more?) step(s) above regular ones. also worrying is you could be stuck in the middle of nowhere for months!

must remember to do weekly russian updates to make sure i keep learning. might have to move there for a bit to learn properly.

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