Tuesday, July 28, 2009

almost famous

yesterday i lost almost $4k. oops. i played the turbo thingy on stars at the same time and made $100 in that for beating about 23000 of 24000. which is about right in a prize/skill ratio as most of them were useless.
haven't played much before this new record loss (all at $1/2!) and not much too blog about.

i have also realised i don't like the captcha things websites make you do. they're good for all the anti spam etc, however, when i get them wrong i feel like a moron/robot.
which fits in nicely with dropping $4k.

i also came across this video (not literally, someone just sent it to me) and the guy that is the feature was someone i have had the misfortune of playing against in 5aside football. he is definitely in the top 5 of people i have ever played against. it was just very funny/bizarre seeing him on the interweb. sadly no clips against me.

today i found a new scientist from 1994. like the programme 'tomorrow's world' if anyone remembers that, there are many promises for how the future will change for us for the better. almost none of which is ever heard from again. so tomorrow, i shall peruse it and see if anything has come true. tbh, i'm still waiting on hoverboards like they had in back to the future. and that's been almost 20 years already!

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Bruce said...

Some of those captcha things are pictures of words in historical documents that they are trying to translate by having people read what the word is. Often they are paired with another word that they already know.

Also, there is a wide range of predictions about the future out there because many of the people predicting things are scifi writers who have incentives to come up with crazy sounding stuff. There is an interesting book called The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil that has some good predictions. He is an inventer who has a good track record of predicting things.

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