Monday, July 28, 2008

keep on truckin

not much to post about except same old not winning faster

checked out my stats for the year

running at 3 ptbb/100 at 1/2

this includes tilting away 30 buyins.

been playing more 2/4 recently and every time i do my luck just nosedives.

of my last 4 sessions i've been over $1k down on all in ev in one, and 750 down last night.

however, that doesn't excuse bad play and I have to play better. only playing when i want of late, but really need to sit down and concentrate for the first 1/2 hundred hands and not do anything stupid.

also wanna qualify for a live tourney this year, preferably aussie millions thru betfair so gonna deposit, play some 1/2 there and see how the sats go when they become available later in the year.

priority however remains increasing roll on stars to $30k by end of year to be rolled for 5/10

5 months to go. roll currently at 11k

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