Wednesday, March 05, 2008


not the tilt you notice but the subtle play marginal situations badly all the time tilt

gone from $1100 up to $1100 down so far this month.

thats pretty shocking.
coincides with increasing from 3 to 4 tables. might have to drop down to three till i can get a screen with no overlap. oddly enough my vpip and pfr % have both gone up as i increased number of tables played. i thought i would play tighter with more tables.

need to concentrate next session i play, by not playing rubbish cards at the start. be patient. wait for good hands and situations. gonna buy in with 60% of full amount to make sure i don't chase with sooted connectors etc.

i wanna play 4 tables so it will be easy to hit supernova and by the end of april would be able to get either a 24"monitor or something ps3. though its the low end ps3 and is less points.

i still don't like playing on stars with no rakeback but lost £1k in hills over the course of 2 months, and since i'd won $1.5k on stars in the same amount of time i figured even with rakeback i'd make more on stars.

i think i just need to play better.

i have decided some yearly aims too.
but the end of next year i wanna hit £100k to afford a house.

play $1/2 and $2/4 this year and reach $50-60k.
next year $3/6, $5/10 and make $100k.

all using good brm.

here goes.....

(oh yeah, january was -$500 in cash, +$2k in tournies
february was +$4k
march -$1.1k so far...)

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