Wednesday, March 19, 2014


i am currently tired pretty much all the time.
not sleeping doesn't really help. i seem to get about 5 hours a day, waking up ever earlier. i'm sure i read once that humans naturally move to a 25 hour cycle. i seem to be on a 23 hour cycle, waking up an hour before my alarm each day, and then going to bed slightly earlier the next night.
i'm on holiday next week and plan to reset this through the copious ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

i still haven't played any poker for a long while. busy setting up a company which hopefully can lead to retirement in 5 years time. a company that actually does useful work. eventually (couple of years time) for improving education is the plan. early stages for now, and hopefully can discuss it in more detail in some months time when things are happening.

right now, have many other things to worry about including, women, money, moving flat, not being able to afford to buy a house ever, and learning many more things like how to use access properly, as well as c++ and other languages, such as the language of wimmen.

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