Friday, September 13, 2013


there aren't many things that make me angry. however, there is one 'word' that people seem to use at work that makes me go into hulk mode.

let me preface this by saying there are many made up 'words' that they use. they also get confused between nouns verbs and adjectives. people seem to be able to 'calendar' events. things also get 'actioned' quite regularly.

none of that is as infuriating as he constant references people make about upskilling - yourself or others, and getting upskilled. a completely made up word which is entirely redundant. i want to shout in their faces "just use teach or learn!!" two perfectly good words which more than adequately describe the situation.

that is all for now. i have a feeling there will be some more regular blogging coming soon. mostly because it is winter now and my flat has storage heaters so until i can move out i need to use my computer as a heat generator.
whoever invented storage heaters (which as far as i can tell is a heating element used to heat a brick which then radiates the heat away before you get home from work. yes, it is caveman technology) deserves a place in hell.

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