Friday, June 28, 2013


moving isn't that painful when you don't have that much stuff.
it's slightly more painful when you have more stuff. and a bit weird when it belongs to an ex. at least she had good taste.

these days, unbeknown to me, when they give you internet, it no longer takes 5 days! they just come and sort out your phone line and then you plug in your router and boom, you can move in. it's pretty small place so i'm missing a table for my computer. i have one monitor on a coffee table and the other on the tv stand as a tv/monitor. though obv i need to buy a tv and then will have 3 screens in close proximity. i can turn on my work laptop and mac to have 5 screens all next to each other to full super cool. like that guy in that film.

i forgot to switch over my betfair account to their latest sack of shit software providers. this means i no longer get rakeback. i need to find another account which gives me something decent as i actually plan on playing a little bit soon. exciting times up a head.

i don't have many more funny things to report. i think i forgot them all. except maybe one conversation i had with a friend and when he said you can have too much of a good thing, and i replied no, blowjobs. no one turns them down saying, i've had enough. physically pushing a lady's head away and shouting, no, not now, i've had enough!

this post has been rather crude. my apologies.

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