Friday, April 12, 2013

conversations from an office. part II

lady in a meeting
man in a meeting
3 extras

lady: so, (man), we see that you are in charge of the next section, tell me about it

lady points to title which reads "cameras - info"

man: it's info about cameras!

man laughs and looks around for reassurance.
awkward smiles break the faces of 2 extras. extra3 makes no effort to hide disdain.

woman: great, but what does that mean?

man: it's about pricing and [bla bla bla - i tuned out here]

later, that meeting

woman: so, (man), tell me what you plan to do to save money in your department?

man: save money! ha ha ha. 2 for 2.
raises hand
man: high five

no high five is forthcoming.

no extras smile.

the end.


Yakshi said...


My brother, an executive, likes to do the high five when people aren't expecting it, so that when they don't raise their hand, he breaks out in a embarrassed laugh and does his best to look like a loser.

He overdoes it to such a degree that he actually gets delayed laughs.

I could never pull it off. I'd look like the guy in your story.

Mudwig said...

he sounds cool! the opposite of this guy. in today's meeting i found myself making faces like jim/tim from the office to pam/dawn. except my pam is no jenna fischer.

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