Sunday, March 24, 2013

a russian doll part II

I like the roman numerals in titles.

recently, i spoke to the 2nd hottest russian i'd ever seen. a follow up from my previously failed attempt. (attempts if you include times i didn't say what i wanted.)

this time went much better. (having been poker schooled, when i say better i am not being results orientated in my analysis.) i managed to say,
"this is what i wanted to say last time and i hope you will understand my accent."
(in russian) "you are very beautiful."
she smiled and said thanks
"i am not finished yet."
(in russian) " i want to take you out for a drink"
she smiled again. i have seen this smile before. it's a 'not a fucking chance' smile. i hoped i was wrong.
she said "you are very kind"
she paused.
i said "you can answer my question with a yes"
"firstly" she said, "i want to say thanks, you are nice. secondly, no"
it was my turn to smile. it may not have gone perfectly to plan, in execution or result, but i had to ask.


Yakshi said...

These are not losses. There is no harm being done to you. You are adjusting to their strategy. If you keep it up, you will win.

Mudwig said...

haha. that sounds like you want to generate a part III

and i really want to win this.

Yakshi said...

It's a good story, plus I want to see you win.

I'm just telling you things I would be trying to tell myself. But I'd mostly be ignoring my own advice.

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