Monday, February 18, 2013

the rules of the underground

i broke a rule by smiling at a girl. clearly Russian or Ukrainian, she was Hot (capital H). She had great dress sense and wore black headphones with an iPhone. i like that. sadly, i'm now so old I think she was too young for me.

another rule, which i almost broke was that of helping tourists. i once helped a girl with a suitcase down the travelator and she started talking to me. attempting a proper conversation! once we had gone down the many (many) flights of stairs i was ecstatic to find we were going in opposite directions. today, i almost helped a man who was looking at a map with a face of complete and utter confusion. had i asked him where he was going, he would have said "SAME AS YOU" and we may have had to talk for my entire journey home. bullet dodged. and the moral of the story is be a hot woman but not too young for me.

good night.

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