Monday, August 08, 2011

today the bbc are running stories more full of sugar than usual

i still find it funny that people say sugar instead of shit. it's also quite interesting that sugar is the only word in the english language which has the su making an sh sound. of this i am sure.

but back to the nonsense at the bbc. firstly a non event non story.
i'm sure i've mentioned this before but when i was in the usa, i went to a bar, waited, ordered a drink, got my bottles and as i was about to go back to my seat was verbally attacked by the bar man saying if i wasn't gonna tip i should leave. so we had our drinks and left. i know it's customary in the us to tip relentlessly but surely people not actually doing anything for you is not worthy of a tip? that would never happen in europe. or so i thought. apparently our pm was forced in a coffee shop to go and get his own drink from the counter rather than have it brought to his table, so he didn't tip. and then he went back the next day to leave a proper tip. to me, this is akin to tipping in starbucks where you serve yourself.

the second story which has a stench of baloney gone off is associated with the normally good programme horizon. the guy keeps saying colours aren't real, they're just in your head. i had to double check it wasn't april the 1st. he then goes on to prove this by using optical illusions. surely, tricking your eyes into seeing different colours doesn't make them imaginary. that's like saying at night when you don't see in colour, it's because colour isn't real.

all of this worries me because a few weeks ago i spoke to a journalist about online gambling and poker. i worry about the nonsense spin they will be bashing out. i fear any article from them is going to be like the blind leading the blind. except where the leading blind is a self righteous turd that you expect to find being fired on the apprentice.


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Mudwig said...

a part of me wanted to respond to your spamtastic message in the vain hope that you're a real person. the majority of me did not.
thus, you have received a belated and similarly nonsensical reply.

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