Sunday, April 19, 2009

things i know about women

i recently helped a female friend do some maths uni work over the msn/skype. at one point, for a couple of days in a row i could not help as i was playing poker/watching football/out. due to this i received an email telling me what a terrible human i was. i would have got annoyed had i not remembered the things i know about women.

1) flattery works.
not directly relevant here, but as i know this works, i thought i would share.

2) they are highly illogical
for example, there are two types of questions women ask.

a) questions they know the answer to.
eg what time did you get home last night. if you answer i don't remember, they will tell you the exact time. this is pointless.
this is akin to me asking them about the offside rule. something i obviously will never do.

b) questions they don't know the answer to
the problem with this type is that they will assign you an answer. whether you answer the question or not. sometimes they will go as far as to do this whole process without involving you at all.
ie, they imagine asking you questions, answer them how they wish, and the worst part is that they then react based upon that.

when i received an email telling me how i was just below polpot on the scale of humans i realised what had happened.
i was asked why i couldn't help, and obv i couldn't because i was fed up of helping.
of course, this whole process took place inside her head.

i recently asked her if that this is how all women think. she confirmed this. i then (bravely) pointed out the logical flaw in this thought process. she noticed the flaw and still decided it was a justified response to questions.

luckily i had won monies that day playing poker or i would have driven off a cliff asap.

3) actually, those two is all i know.

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