Monday, April 06, 2009

eclipse cloak moon coins

i recently added a statcounter thing to my site but can't work out how to display it on my site as a counter. i find these things funny. i first used one with the first website i ever built. it was for a charity called showtime challenge. i think i still have a link to them on the right. someone else has since revamped the website and made it look good. statcounters measure loads about websites including how people come to your site.

most are probably me (i recently noticed on firefox's most visited tab, my most visited website is my website. how narcissistic). one person however found my site by searching on google for
eclipse cloak moon coins


Bruce said...

how do you find out what people googled to get to your site?

Mudwig said...

the stat counter tells me where people came from, and those that came from search engines, it tells me what term they searched.

someone else found me from 'body clock + humour'

obviously it was the humour part that sent them here!

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