Thursday, April 02, 2009

hot run ends

just after i post about it. i'm not superstitious but i knew that would happen.

also didn't concentrate well, which is the why i didn't win as much as i should have.

got a holiday planned for later this month, and in may and june. need to play hard at weekends to keep up my supernova points. i'm gonna start playing more 3/6. it's pretty identical to 2/4 except slightly more regs i think. but lots of the same regs, and the regs are beatable anyway i feel.

hoping for a decent few months and by june i'll be rolled for 5/10

i saw a car crash a couple of days back. i could see it happening but there was nothing i could do. worse than that feeling was i was a little bit interested to see what happened. it was almost in slow motion. probably cos the vehicles were travelling very slowly. approaching a roundabout (you don't have these in america but it's like a four way stop but the person on the right has right of way) and a lorry was in the middle of two lanes. you could tell he was a moron driver and wanted to turn left probably. dude behind him was impatient and tried to sneak through on the left hand side of the lorry. in a formula one slow motion sort of way. the lorry decided to move slightly to the left, no space remained on the left for the car which was crushed and scraped a little bit by the lorry.

i think there is a good analogy in there for car crash poker when i play bad.

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Bruce said...

We have roundabouts. There is some American word for them that I can't remember cuz I call them roundabouts too.

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