Tuesday, April 07, 2009


i went to the hairdressers and asked for a 'vinny chase'

i was wearing glasses so had to take them off, and am too blinded by this to see exactly what is happening during the hair cutting process.

when the man was finished, i put them back on to see what i had become.

to my shock and horror i looked like ronaldo (without the lady)

now i'm pretty sure the hairdresser was not retarded because retards aren't allowed sharp scissors. however, there was no other explanation for the travesty that had occurred.

he picks up the mirror to show me the back of my head as i survey the damage that had taken place to my head. how does it look he asks from behind the back of head mirror.

situations like this, as all men know, have only one answer which i duly give him ...'fine'


rubbish said...

Better than looking like Tevez!!

Anonymous said...

Or Luke Chadwick :o)

Platonic_ said...

lol thats why i got slippers and now cut my own hair... plus it saves money in the long run.... i think i know whos winning

Platonic_ said...

clippers not slippers

Platonic_ said...

imagine trying to cut your hair with slippers..... lol

Finnianp said...

Plat had me in stitches there, as did the post. nicely done

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