Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a frustrating steak breakfast

went to a steak restaurant at noonish today to break my overnight fast. i arrived looking forward to purchasing my steak and chips. i had not had anything to eat or drink prior to my arrival, so when the waitress came over i asked for some tap water. she says, they don't do tap water. i reply, youre joking, you do. it's the law. she seemed unfazed. maybe i played my trump card too early.
the last time this happened my friend and i just walked out. however, i really wanted this steak pronto.
nevermind i thought, i'll ask the manager.
i go over to the till and ask the person there for some water thinking he seems sensible and this will be no hassle at all, as there is a tap right next to him. i was wrong. i ask him and he also replies the same
"we don't do tap water".
mildly frustrated, i asked why
"i don't know"
"ok," i say, "can i speak with the manager"
"i am the manager" he says (with a straight face)

2 things struck me at this point.

1)he's lying. any live 1c/2c donk could make that read. i am 100% sure of this because it's a lie i used to have to tell at my job before the company went busto (lol story, where we were on watchdog). i also know it's a lie because i have been there before many times and the manager is in fact a very hot argentinian woman.

2)at the same time thought number 2 hit me so hard i said it out loud " so, you told yourself that you don't do tap water and don't know why?"

he was saved at this point by the owner walking into scene. he points and says that's the owner. so i say to owner, can i get some tap water. his reply was great. "we don't have any"
erm, there's a tap right there i say to him.
he chooses this moment to exit as fast as he had appeared.

i do not understand why these retards make my life so difficult. luckily (for them) the waitress had for some reason put an empty cup on my table when i returned. so when all these fools had left the area i strolled over to the tap and filled myself up. the look the waitress gave me when she saw my tap water, as if i had killed her family, made the whole thing almost worthwhile.


Bruce said...

lol is this story real???

Joppa Road said...

lol...sounds like one of my bizarre dreams.

C said...


rubbish said...

Where are you? Sounds like a fun place.

Mudwig said...

sadly it's a true london based story.

Bossanova21 said...

there's a chinese place in shepherds bush that has the same rule

I went there last Saturday, and fancied a coke, but upon seeing the sign that they don't do tap water, I asked for some

'We don't do tap water'

'its the law' I too said

'if you don't like it, leave' she replied

check-raised all-in imo

I folded, and ordered a coke

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