Sunday, April 12, 2009

almost bustoed

it is true that there are worse people to have hair like and worse people to look like and for not looking like anyone in the utd team, i am eternally grateful

sadly, no matter what i look like, i think i will always be retarded and prone to tilt unless i concentrate on it 100% of the time.

after winning lots last month i found myself, one week into this month, $9k down and back to level for the year. some of it bad luck (almost 10 buy ins according to allinev in 5k hands!) many coolers and bad play, but not as much as i thought. i took a few days off to relax and think about what i'd done.

i don't usually keep more than $10k online as there isn't much point but i had to deposit for the first time in a year for a reason that was not bonus related. so i loaded up the pokers tonight with 7 buy ins. i decided to put on 6 2/4 tables and not drop down as i didnt think i would bother taking it seriously. amazingly i ran level but hit some nice hands, hit draws which i hadn't yet done this month and my roll is somewhat healthier. if i finish this month level it will be a miracle which will make me very happy.

once again i think i have learnt lots about myself, about tilt, and that the difference between winners and losers is how one handles adversity. being able to control yourself and focus during the tough times is what i have been learning. most things i have learnt through poker i had already read about someone else experiencing the same thing. but for the most part it's not until you go through it yourself that you actually understand what they were trying to say.

if there's one thing that has helped me most it's being able to recognise tilt. once you have recognised it, and sometimes it's only very subtle, the reaction that you take depends on being able to accurately and precisely assess yourself. sometimes it's to refocus, sometimes it's to stop playing completely.

if you made it this far you deserve some light entertainment. i had to go to the opticians the other day. had to pick up some lenses and to get my sunglasses darkened. i turn up and am asked if i can wait for the sunglasses. i remind her it should only take a few minutes to do and she says, yes but she is busy with other customers. I look around. 2 are together and are looking at new frames. hmm, no help required there. the other two are also together and are simply sat down waiting for a cab.
proof all women can't multitask, even when one of the tasks involves doing nothing.

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