Tuesday, May 01, 2012

two corrections i need to make

my last but one post was seemingly 80% bullshit. check the comments in it for confirmation. Thanks to the commentors for pointing it out!

the other correction i need to make is a two part one.

a while back i committed to working out every day for 30 days (actually only 6 days a week, i take one morning on the weekend off). it went remarkably well and i've kept it going. i've tweaked my work out to ensure i am exercising as properly as possible, but i like that it's almost a habit now.

there were two other things i tried and didn't quite manage. one was waking early, the second was blogging everyday, although i was less committed to the second at the outset. however, the great yak said he likes to read a blogs which post each and every day, and knowing that at least one person will read these musings, it has encouraged me to blog every day. luckily it's the first of the month so i won't forget when i started.
i have made a schoolboy mistake by posting twice today (in future, as the yakshi said, extra posts in one day can and will be saved for another), but am quite excited by the prospect. i think it means i'll also need to go out more often since otherwise i'll run out of material in my tiny mind. a mind preoccupied recently by the fact that photons travel at the speed of light and therefore do not experience time. yet relativity tells us that they see other photons travelling at the speed of light too. it all becomes a bit mad when you start to think of how things happen at the same time in their frame of reference. (ie everything happens at the same time, just in different places since they don't travel through time, yet other photons still overtake them to get to places before them?! no more physics talk this month of things i don't understand, unless by request)

the other target was getting up when my alarm went off. i have regressed back to 30+ minute snoozes. i will perhaps post each day an inclusion of length of time in bed before getting up, hopefully into shaming me to becoming more prompt.

all other exciting work and going out plans will now be saved for another post, and not because i haven't yet come up with any.


Yakshi said...

Awesome. I like the speed-of-light thoughts.

Mudwig said...

speed of light thoughts are mental. i might describe a faster than light experiment in the near future...

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