Tuesday, May 15, 2012

today's fear was a bit of an anticlimax. i think thats a good thing.

i had two people to call to try to sell them an idea that they already sell themselves. that makes no sense. i will expand.

i made an iphone app that helps you help yourself. i found some people who run workshops for this very idea. i sent them emails with my app a few weeks ago but they didn't respond. so today i called them.
the first guy didn't answer. it went to voicemail and i was completely unprepared. my speech was for people who would talk and listen and respond and converse. i briefly panicked before the beep. i left a message. i'm still not sure what i said. he hasn't called back yet and it's almost bedtime. i guess i'll call him tomorrow.

the next lady i rang was a very happy sounding lady on the phone. this made it easier. i decided not to go for a hard sell of making her promote me, but just started by getting her to check it out and see if she likes it and can give feedback since this is her area of expertise. i hope she does like it and then tells everyone she knows.

i say it's my app but that's not strictly true. nonetheless, if you want to motivate yourself to do stuff, and find that to-do lists are a bit shit for reasons you can't work out, let me know in the comments and i'll try to send you a copy (i only have limited free ones to give out); obviously, you'll need an iphone!

i have arranged a public speaking exercise for next week.

i think i'm gonna do a poker online tomorrow. i've been a bit fearful of it recently but am gonna use this as a way to try to get back into it as i could do with a bit of money.

on thursday i think im gonna try to go and get a drink in a bar on top the top floor of a building in london town.


L4Y SP said...

my major phobia atm is working , but i cant keep spunkin £50-60 a week on the lottery for much longer.

Mudwig said...

i have a thing against working too!

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