Monday, May 14, 2012

that's gold jerrry!


i like to check my referrals page on google analytics. almost always i head straight to the search engine section to see what terms people used to find me. forget seo, i'm only interested in comedy.
it's been a while since anything as good as "eclipse moon cloak coins" but just last week i noticed someone somehow found me via "faces of spiders"
i don't think of spider faces anymore. in fact, david thorne ruined spider faces for me with this picture/diatribe.

i'd like to work spiders into one of my 18 events to undertake this month but can't quite work out how. a vet friend once let me touch a snake (appropriately), but i don't think he has access to spiders.

i found a toastmaster club where i can go talk at strangers for a few minutes. i'm struggling for other things though.

so far i would have:
public speaking
talk to a hot women i like the look of
go to the top of a tall building (outside. being inside isn't really scary. it's the fear of dropping things over the edge that worries me)

i will have to think on my feet. but tomorrow it will be call someone i don't know to try to sell something over the phone. talking on the phone to a stranger in the guise of a salesman should count as three, but meh, it's at least one every day. plus that's only one event.

i may have to resort to including waking up early, playing the poker and posting to this blog on days i can't be bothered, as 'events' if i really struggle to think of things - cue comments with outlandish ideas of things to do. maybe one day i will become a yes man and yes to all questions asked of me! (it was a good book)
in general, i will try to make more outside doing things events as that is more entertaining.


L4Y SP said...

just to let you know how insane i am......I won't stand on the edge of a tall building because I am convinced that I will have an unquestionnable compulsion to throw myself off.
you are a brave man!

Mudwig said...

that's a bit nuts.
i'm more worried about dropping my phone off the edge when taking a picture than me dropping off the edge.

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