Sunday, May 20, 2012

things to do every day

habits to get into. im gonna try to do all at once because i am a mental and fly in the face of accepted theory. that's right, i fly. i have also rated the probability of achieving these in the coming week.

get up when alarm goes off (1%)
read my life's mission statement when my alarm goes off, and before i go to sleep. (95%)
exercise (weights) for 20-30 minutes, to the point of failure. (95%)

do some c++ programming (30 minutes minimum) (tending to objective c asap) (85%)

write at least 200 words for sitcom. (50%)

i will complete all of these every day before i go to bed, NO MATTER WHAT. repeat ad nauseum.

also should aim to fit 1 hour of poker in each and every day. i need money till i get a job. which reminds me:
apply for one job a day till i get a job. (20%)

and for all of this when i say every day, i mean 6/7 days per week. i'll take one day a week off for each of these things (may be a different day for each goal)

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