Tuesday, May 15, 2012

todays fear

i played 5 a side football today. usually i play in goal. not because i am terrible at kicking the ball, but because im good in goal. and because im terrible at kicking the ball.

but today i forced my self to play not in goal. alas, i had eaten too close to kick off so every time i ran i felt like i was about to throw up out my face or arse. i also scratched the shit out of my knees since i was wearing shorts and not long trousers like i usually do.

fear factor rating: 3/10
happiness at completing this task: 8/10

i also enjoyed the fitness aspect. i used to be naturally fit. now i am old and can still barely breathe, a mere 3 hours after finishing playing.

tomorrow, i plan to do a salesman act. impending fear factor, 8/10.


Yakshi said...

Awesome. I'm looking forward to the salesman routine.

Mudwig said...

as you will see, it wasn't that exciting. though i have more to do on that front, this was just the first step!

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