Friday, January 22, 2010

i've never been so happy

when losing $1600
gonna have to play some poker for the rest of the month. was looking forward to about +$4k, but currently -$4k!

tonights session was funny. i give myself a rating of about 9/10 for playing pretty damn well and just getting violated at every opportunity.
biggest 11 pots i won just two but happy with my play in every single one of them, so can't complain for once. (this positive mindset malarkey is easy imo)

i'd like to think that there are certain times in life when you grow up and behave responsible. i would guess that having kids is one of them.
recently, i saw a woman cross a road holding her kids hand. kid was maybe 5? all good so far. she stopped half was across cos some nutter drove down the road the wrong way to make a turn and didn't wanna wait in traffic. it was pretty terrible driving and the woman noticed him so stopped. as he/she drove past she says to her kid in adult talk to child voice
"what's that car doing?"
followed by in adult shout at adult voice
"fucking wanker"

great example to set the youth of tomorrow

saw avatar the other day. 3d and cgi was amazing. story was a bit weak imo. and i spent the whole film trying to work out if the women were naked, and if they were why their nipples were missing.

3d effects were pretty good and reminded me of the amazing 3d tvs a saw in japan. tvs which didn't require and glasses!


Bruce said...

you should post monthly graphs with ev lines. it always sounds like youre losing boatloads of money

Mudwig said...

lol, yeah, i think i am losing boatloads of money.
maybe i will do monthly graphs....

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