Monday, January 04, 2010

dancers' balls.

i dislike the ideas of new years/beginnings as in theory one should aim for continual improvement and not just in the five minutes following some randomly assigned milestone.
sadly, the pokerstars disagrees with me and they arrange my status based on this solar calendar.
following on from that, HEM also base their tracking of my results (using my computer!) based on the same calender. thus, whilst i dislike it, I have no choice but to arrange certain aspects of my play around these tools. tools which i shall not blame when things go badly, for as everyone knows, a bad workman always blames his tools. luckily, my russian isn't that good yet or I would have to use a different story to set that up as their saying is "a bad dancer is impeded even by his own balls"
the only conclusion i can draw is that there are no bad workladies in england, nor bad female dancers in russia.

so onwards and upwards.
in a similar vein to the last time the earth found itself looking at the sun from this point in space, my main aim is to concentrate on mental and emotional control.
i know last year i must have tilted away $50k+ most of it in the first 8 months, the worst of which was playing badly for about 5 months from march to august.

if i had to rate my play for last year i would like to give myself a 0/10 but i managed one 5 figure month (which was positive) so i'm gonna give myself 1/10.

this year january and february are rather time lacking but from march i will hopefully be a bum and plan to play 100hours per month. i think i would like to give it a quick shot at this point in my life to see if i can make £100k+ per year. otherwise it's not really worth doing. and this year will be the time to find out.
people keep saying games are gonna be dead etc, but i can't see how that's true. as long as you are a bit (=the rake) above average you should be making a profit.
i know i need to improve and will be playing closer to 6 than 9 tables for the first few hands to concentrate on not making mistakes.
there are a few things i need to think about, and the first three that i will focus on are:
not spewing in the first 10 mins of a session (should take under one month to fix)
not checking how much i'm up/down (also 1 month to fix)
focussing on what i think my bets mean/what other's bets mean (infinite amount of time, but hopefully good enough after 2-3 months)

whilst the first two will be aided with self hypnosis, the third is a lot trickier as it will involve understanding and interpreting my current instincts in play

when i've integrated those into my mind i will find new things to work on. will probably find some new ones after doing the first two as the third will probably be long term.

it's been a while since my last post, but not so many interesting things have been happening. i think the most interesting was that my foot was itchy, and on the sole! so every time i scratched it i was tickling myself. that was a particularly tortuous lose-lose situation.

anyways, i'm off to check if the hot water and central has started working again after their two day new year's holiday.


Anonymous said...

One of my problems is constantly checking how much I am up/down in a current session, I can't help myself. Even though I don't think it hurts me, subconciously it must have an effect.

best of luck for 2010, really hope you hit the magic 100k mark

Mudwig said...

Yeah, hurts me more than I realise as it takes my focus awAy from solely making correct desicions and also takes my mind of long term results.
Also, I'm about 1000-1 to make £100k!
Though I've planned how I'm gonna get there, 50k target for end of august. Will outline before I start playing seriously for the year so I know what I'm aiming for

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