Monday, January 18, 2010

i have to hide my jelly bellies from myself because otherwise i eat them all at once.

and when i say all, i mean £10 worth all.

so i missed my money goals from last year but managed to get enough hands in to clear the $2k bonus. it seems that this year the vpp to hand ratio is much higher at around 0.75 at 2/4 so i can play fewer hands and reach supernova thus increasing rakeback to an acceptable amount (roughly 25%) with stars support worth the extra 2% on ft, i might try to find some other sites to play around with on a high rb% later in the year.
had a couple of sessions this weekend for the first time this year and my mental state was like that benjamin button film ie truly awful to the point of not knowing how something like that could exist.
to do things that just 5 seconds later i look at realising how terrible i am, on a continuous basis is demoralising. punching myself in the head after each mistake didn't correct this in the pavlovian way i had hoped it would, so i'm cutting down for now to 6 tables.

about 10 mins before i was about to quit for the day yesterday i noticed that this dude on one of my tables was clearly more retarded than me. sadly he was sitting on my left making it slightly tougher to take monies from him. so a bit like taking candy from an over aggressive 5 year old, rather than a baby.
early on he kept winning (except the one time he folded to a cont bet, which i'm 99% sure was a misclick) even having the tenacity to outkick me along with making me miss my draws. furthermore, he managed to fold utg (a rarity indeed) when i had aces on the bb(even rarer). even more improbably, this didn't send me on tilt.
having everyone else on the table being a shortstacking mong was both good as they couldnt take the vast fortune he had assembled before i would inevitably, but bad because they would get in the way of our pots by rudely shoving pre.
i finally pulled his pants down (twice) and left to watch the american footballs.

and here's me wasting some luck on a different table in a blind battle.

Seat 1: co ($446.70 in chips)
Seat 2: btn ($397.50 in chips)
Seat 3: blindhero ($410 in chips)
Seat 4: blindvillain ($539.10 in chips)
Seat 5: utg ($681 in chips)
Seat 6: +1 ($423.55 in chips)
blindhero: posts small blind $2
blindvillain: posts big blind $4

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to blindhero [Qc Qs]
utg: folds
+1: folds
co: folds
btn: folds
blindhero: raises $12 to $16
blindvillain: raises $32 to $48
blindhero: raises $72 to $120
blindvillain: raises $419.10 to $539.10 and is all-in
blindhero: calls $290 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($129.10) returned to blindvillain

*** FLOP *** [Jh Js Tc]
*** TURN *** [Jh Js Tc] [Ts]
*** RIVER *** [Jh Js Tc Ts] [Qh] i can't lose!
*** SHOW DOWN ***
blindhero: shows [Qc Qs] (a full house, Queens full of Jacks)
blindvillain: shows [Jc Jd] (four of a kind, Jacks) i can


rubbish said...

Ouch, sick beat that one.

Mr Origami said...

I actually quite liked Benjamin Button :|

Sally-Sal said...

What's your favorite jelly belly flavor?

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