Thursday, January 07, 2010


not sure whether i should be blogging more often or less often. being unsure is probably a sign i should only be writing when funny things happen. luckily the last two days have been filled more of funny than jam filled in doughnuts. (and i don't just mean those lovely chocolate krispy kremes ones).
for example, yesterday, i went for a drive. this was silly. after spending about 20 mins wiping the snow off my car i found the lock had frozen on the outside and it took a while to get the key to turn. (couldn't be bothered to go back to the flat to get some warm water).
i managed to negotiate the mountains of snow around the car to do a three point turn and get onto the very snowy road. this was mostly uneventful, and all the major roads were fine. however, the peoples i went to see live on a side road and turning onto it was a big mistake. but not as big a mistake as trying to park was. reversing to the side of the road ending up being problematic as the car decided to stop gripping and slid to the kerb. every time i tried to move away the back end just smacked the kerb. so i just left it and went inside. when it came to leave i tried again but obviously nothing was different. so i went to get a shovel and had to dig the snow away from the back front and underneath the car to be able to get away from the kerb and into the middle of the road.
the worst part of all of this was one of the many times i was trying to drive me way free without moving. i looked up to see a car on the opposite side of the road bombing it towards to me, sliding left and right at will before turning and heading towards me. the driver decided not to hit me, but drive past, and then continue his personal skating amusement.
unsurprisingly, he was driving a car like this:

what i can only describe as the poor man's white van. so one level below white van man on the rung of life. but one level above bmw drivers.

and today i was walking along and i saw some lady in a people carrier struggling along any icey road with a man pushing the car to help. i went to help with pushing the car but fell over on the road. whilst on the floor i noticed lots of wheel spin so just went up to the passenger window which was open and told her to put it in 2nd gear, and off she went. the change reminded me of when bambi learnt to walk, and in almost an instant progressed from slipping everywhere to running.

and lastly, today in the post office someone joined the cue behind me and smelt so much of weed that i think i may have got a little high. in fact, i probably was since on my way out of the post office i saw a little robin like bird in the queue with some sort of food in it's mouth.


Bossanova21 said...

"poor man's white van"

lol, so true

Mudwig said...

yeah, it's all i can think when i see those cars

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