Sunday, January 31, 2010

brief live blooging


playing only the blogging competition malarky and the turbo takedown tournament (or as i like to call it, the TnTnT. very explosive stuff)

so just started the blogging one and have had kings three times in 20 minutes. no chance of a run good towards the end and i might as well retire from it now

AK sooted now. someone at my table asked if anyone was live blogging. i said yes, i'm telling everyone that reads it my hands. (luckily no one reads it)

ffs, kings again. might get action this time. makes up for getting 44 about 260 times in 2660 hands last night. but i'd rather have got this on a cash table.

TnTnT starting in five minutes. i can feel the excitement building in my pants

my mistake, that was just my phone vibrating.

KINGS AGAIN this is ridiculous. everyone folds pre again.

playing one or two tables is pretty boring. i think i might just go all in every hand till i either win it all or lose

A5spades lost to Q10 spades. Q10x flop. tyty, back to starting stack.

oops lost a hand in the wbcoop, up a little in the TnTnTnT. damn calling stations hitting slightly better hands than me (and i never have good hands apart from kings) and never folding to lots of bets.

and out of the w b coop running into aces.

and i'm bored of this. i'm going to think about what i've done

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