Sunday, June 28, 2009

ups and downs

last three days

back to level for the month, though i got enough points for the $2.4k bonus and will probably get the other $184 tomorrow or the day after.

i have realised i am still bad at controlling my emotions and tilting away lots of money. i have found two things i do when i tilt
1) call out of position with very pretty but bad cards (eg56o, j9s etc)
2) call 3 bets with pretty much everything i raised with

today's calm may have been aided by my trip to the golf range. i'm not a great fan of golf, but whacking a ball really far (or not that far in my case) is very therapeutic.

anyway, i've checked my stats for this year and realised i have been losing lots this year at poker and if it wasnt for the bonus's i would be down lots. this is bad.
i need to be more calm and relaxed. i can't build a golf range in my room so self hypnosis is the way forward i think.

i would like to say i agree with br000se about mj. and i find it strange that some people i know are fed up of his songs being played on the radio (after 2days lol) "cos it's from 20years ago." terrible logic.

good to see i'm capable of making friends with retards. it's like i'm giving a little back to society.
also these retard friends do not have any money in their house. i mean, i understand not wanting thousands or hundreds lying around, but literally not even a penny in cash! going out always requires going via cashpoint(ATM) if unable to pay by card. i explained that this is not evolutionarily acceptable as if they lived in the 3rd world (or lower) they would not survive.

speaking of evolution, i went to take a shower the other day in my bathroom which is covered in white tiles (a traditional english decoration for bathrooms). i noticed a HUGE white moth. according to my biology lessens in school this means:
that there is no soot and lots of white things outside for it to be camouflaged against (no, not in london),
moth is a genetic mutant (x-moths?), or
moths are evolving to live in houses.
i took it outside obviously as i did not want to shower with it, and wonder how it will do in the green of nature. and whether it will reproduce or if the other moths will treat it like an outcast.

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