Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this is a gameshow. for those unaware, some people with masterful (allegedly) minds compete to win. i'm not sure what they win, maybe just prestige. anyway, there are two rounds of answering questions, and the winner is the one who gets the most right. if there's a tie, person with the least number of passes wins.

pretty simple.

what amazes me is that i've seen people actually pass questions they don't know the answer to. optimal play is just to make any guess no matter how ridiculous. always answering "is it ghostbusters 2?" is better than saying pass.

anyone that passes should be disqualified. but then no one would pass and the whole using passes as a tiebreak would be scrapped. maybe they should just fix it behind the scenes to ensure that anyone who passes can't win.

anyway, i'm off to play some tilt free poker in my leather jacket (see previous post)


Bossanova21 said...

i wore my leather jacket on the tube yesterday after reading your post

45 degree temperatures, everyone sweating like pigs, I looked like something out of a Sure deodorant ad, not a drop of sweat. cheers man

Mudwig said...

good work! i fear i may be taking the tube friday morning; if i do, i will no doubt be in my leather jacket. say hi if you see me

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