Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the problem with other people

before i start, i would like to say rubbishatpoker's blog is funny. i can't seem to comment there but his tales are well written and entertaining. i would like to think his name is rubbi, but maybe that's just me.

the problem with other people is that for the most part, most of them, cannot comprehend that you have different thoughts to them. yes, they all think that they're aware that everyone is unique etc, but when it actually comes down to it, people don't actually act as though they realise it.

for example, i dislike the sounds that people usually make when they eat. i use dislike in its kindest sense of the word. in fact, it can make me want to do crazy violent things. my words cannot express it very well. luckily i have the internet. and there are other crazy people like me who have expressed it much better.

my point, however, is that no one actually understands these reactions if they have not experienced it themselves. they dismiss you as crazy and tell you to just stop. as if you could just stop if you wanted.

i hypothesise that this reaction is normal. almost anything that someone hasn't actually experienced is generally dismissed by that someone. alcoholism, gambling addictions etc. it also occurs in much more subtle situations, such as not understanding other people's actions.

however, when you play chess/poker the idea of the game becomes to think like your opponent. if you just think what you would do in their situation, you will never win. not because your opponents aren't retarded, but because you are assuming they think along your logical thought processes and as we all know they are unique so don't think like us. except we still expect them to do so. when people make bad calls at poker if they win, you get angry, if they lose, you laugh at their failure. still without even thinking about why they made that call, everyone dismisses it as they are bad/stupid. in fact, they had their reasons for making the call; it may be that you will never know those reasons but that's not an excuse to avoid thinking about trying to work it out.

anyways, i shall leave you with some quotes i found online of other people who 'dislike' noisy eaters. they're pretty funny imo. and the last one illustrates my point.

I find the worst instances are the ones where someone is chomping away at, say, breakfast cereal really quickly, and breathing in and out loudly through their noses. Those kinds of shenanigans make me tense up with uncontrollable rage and want to hold the culprit's nose and mouth shut until they stop breathing and choke to death on half-chewed cornflakes.

Who'd have thought eh? Egg! They can even make egg sound noisy. Fuck it, I'm going to risk the criminal record, and give them a tracheotomy.

One word.... GULPERS!!! Even the word is disgusting but the animals that do this should be put down! Is it really necessary? I have eyes, I can see they're having a drink but I don't need to fucking hear it!!! Also slurping tea or coffee because its too hot. There is no excuse for this, its too fucking hot so don't drink it!! Now, getting onto the subject of crisps or crunchy snacks. I appreciate they aren't the quietest of foods but jesus to the pigs in my office have to crunch as loudly as they possibly can?? Its like a secret competition between them all who can crunch the fucking loudest!! If you lot hear of a massacre in Aylesbury its probably me that has shot the dirty, rotten, gulping, slurping, crunching BASTARDS!

I never could understand my wife's intolerance to me chewing food, clanking fork or spoon,sniffing,coughing etc. Now that I have Hyperacusis,tinnitus and sound sensitivity, I understand her and leave her to eat in peace at the proper times. It is ironic how things happen.


Joppa Road said...

I like this blog. Noisy eaters are fkin digusting c**ts.

Bossanova21 said...


tbh I always seem to gulp when I drink, no matter how I drink. i.e. if I swig, I gulp. if i just drink fast I gulp etc. Usually it's only the first swallow where I gulp a bit, then i'm silent. its weird lol

i definitely dislike heavy breathers more

anyway nice blog, i've linked you up on bossanova21.blogspot.com

Amatay said...

hello mate. email me, i gotta small biz proposal for ya ;-)

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