Thursday, June 04, 2009

that's a pretty cool photo.

i've lost patience to play tournaments. i was in a stars one this weekend and about half way through i just got bored. i was chip leader early on and basically went from top 5 to out in about 10 minutes. need to correct that before i play any more tournaments.

earlier today a lorry driver tried to kill me. i survived by about 1 inch. which reminds me of imperial measurements. they are insane. completely. i can understand counting in binary, denary (10) or 12s (it's a great number for counting apparently. it divides well)

but imperial measurements. who thought it sounded good? 1 inch is split into 16ths. 12 inch's in a foot. 3 feet in a yard. 220 yards in a furlong. 8 furlongs in a mile.

i think i've mentioned before that the worst instance of this was that of the gallon, another stupid imperial measurement. It was copied by the americans and then changed so they have their own gallons which are different to ours. taking something stupid and making it stupider is the opposite of evolution.

which brings me nicely to my next point. why do dogs drool? i had one slobber all over my new jeans today. well, my friend told me it was a dog, but i've been horse racing a couple of times and i'm pretty sure it was a horse. and not one of those small horses. it was gigantic. a little like this:


Joppa Road said...

dont dogs have to pant to cool down? They dont have sweat glands like we do so release through the mouth? I may be talking complete bollocks (again) but think I am right.



Mudwig said...

yeh you're right, they have to pant to cool down. why this one had to drool all over me was what i took exception to. it was comparable to the dog from turner and hooch. but 10 times bigger

rubbish said...

My mate had two Great Danes and they could slobber for the Northern Hemisphere.
Always used to make me gag when I was younger.

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