Thursday, March 05, 2009

things ive noticed


songs come out in america about 1 year before england

eg mgmt have only just begun to get played on radio here. i think i first heard them about 12 months ago.
currently iglu and hartly (in this city) is on american radio. i predict it will be on xfm in about 6-12 months.

anti drugs/drink adverts

they make drink and drugs seem quite fun imo. i'm pretty sure this isn't their intention. at least, i hope it's not.

the IT department at my uni

is to retards what light is to black holes. ie, they get attracted there, never leave, are unable to think and time has effectively stopped for them.
i cant be bothered to go into the details today. suffice to say they wasted one day of my life through not telling me the most simple of solutions to my problem which i had to figure out for myself.

stealing from the small blind

is awful you can't actually play post flop. luckily most people combine the stealing with the awful play.

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