Sunday, March 08, 2009


i often hear this is the future of poker (well, i read it twice)

i have played hilo a few times and find this quite interesting. i remember one time sitting at a table and getting dealt some great starting hands. i'd had one or two showdowns but small pots and not won anything.
about 14 hands in i finally get a chance to go all in with the nut low and nut high draw. i miss the high yet see the whole pot go to my opponent. only now do i notice it's an omaha hi table, not hilo. oops.
i wondered what the others at the table thought of me. people say that players do crazy things online as no one can ever feel embarrassment in the cyberworld. i can categorically say that this is incorrect.

i started trying omaha recently, on purpose. i'm fairly useless at it. but i think it would be nice to be good at that too.

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