Monday, March 09, 2009

a hand of pokers

last i opened up 3 tables of 2/4, and 3 of 3/6 thinking i would concentrate better like when i played 5/10. seeing as how im also playing well i would think it's a good time to up steaks. though the real reason was because there was no 2/4 tables without a 10 player waiting list. i do find it hilarious that people see 9 players on a waiting list for a 6 seater table and join. one has to actually manually select a table, then click the join waiting list button. someone is table selected on the basis of what a table was like about an hour before they will join. bizarre.

so i'm playing 3 tables of 3/6 and two of 2/4 whilst i was first in line on another 2/4 table. the 2/4 tables are uneventful, but the 3/6 tables are hitting me with some nice cold decks. i ran kk into aa and qq into the same guy's kk in pretty much unavoidable spots. i tilt called someone with pretty much the only hand he beat. he had aq, on a qjxxx board, i had kq (sooted)

so i was stuck 3 buyins on this table, and about 1.5 on the other two tables. not great. i managed to build my stack up to $1k when this 3way hand went down.

i find most hand histories boring so i'll put in my thought process (or lack thereof)

Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: superhero ( $1018.00 USD )
Seat 2: ratholer1 ( $114.00 USD )
Seat 3: ratholer2 ( $115.80 USD )
Seat 4: villain ( $845.00 USD )
Seat 5: ratholer3 ( $111.00 USD )
Seat 6: donkvillain ( $1198.00 USD )
ratholer1 posts small blind [$3.00 USD].
ratholer2 posts big blind [$6.00 USD].

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to superhero [ Ks 4s ] - this is actually the nuts
villain calls [$6.00 USD]
ratholer3 folds
donkvillain raises [$18.00 USD]
superhero calls [$18.00 USD] - slowplaying pre. risky, but hey
ratholer1 folds
ratholer2 folds
villain calls [$12.00 USD]

** Dealing Flop ** [ Js, 3s, 9h ] - practically the nuts
villain checks
donkvillain bets [$51.00 USD]
superhero raises [$151.00 USD] - thought i'd make them both pay now in order to get all the stacks in
villain calls [$151.00 USD]
donkvillain raises [$1129.00 USD] - oh noes. not part of my plan.
superhero calls [$849.00 USD] - i have outs. probably.
villain calls [$676.00 USD] - little does he know i have the nuts.

** Dealing Turn ** [ 7s ] - didn't even wait for the river.

** Dealing River ** [ 5s ] - i hope no one has the ace

donkvillain shows [Jd, 9d ]
superhero shows [Ks, 4s ]
superhero wins $346.00 USD from main pot
superhero wins $2541.00 USD from main pot
villain doesn't show [3h, 3c ]
donkvillain wins $180.00 USD from main pot

now i feel like i run good even though this is how my all in ev is just back to level for the month


rubbish said...

Jeez, brave call. All the best.

Mudwig said...

brave=retarded in this case imo!

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