Thursday, March 26, 2009

body clock

i have never been a morning person and have come to the conclusion that i never will be. i decided to be a bum today and didn't get up till afternoon. have so much work to do these next few weeks and convinced myself i would work from home today. i didn't really do very much. and now it's 130 in the morning and i'm not that tired but know i should try to get some sleep so i have some hope of getting out of bed by 815. odds of this happening judging by the past 4 weeks would be about 19-1.

the worst thing however, is being woken up on sunday morning after only a couple of hours sleep. then sunday is like a zombie day for me. watch football (the pointless 30mins they now have between the 2 sunday games annoys me immensely), eating foods, grinding pokers and as usual i start to wake up mentally at about 7 and have no desire to go to bed till well after 1.

i used to be able to survive on less sleep (4-6hours a night with one good night sleep each week) so my only conclusion is that i have become lazier.

should really go to sleep now.

no online pokers played yet this week. not really feeling it and only need about 3-4k hands to get the required points this month so no rush...

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