Wednesday, November 19, 2014

this week's focus

this is quite a self explanatory one. i don't think there's nothing wrong with dressing down. looking casual is fine. obviously if you have an example to set, such as the US president, you probably should wear shirts for interviews rather than polo neck t shirts, but maybe that's just my thinking.

being clean, on the other hand, is not something up for debate. this includes clothes as well as at home. hopefully, i do not have much of a problem with this. I think i am a bit lazy with cleaning some things like my fridge, so it's a good excuse to do something small each day this week.

word count: 18.9k
after about 1 hour of work I ended up cutting more than i added. I've noticed it's tougher to have a time goal than a word count goal. Happily, I have but one more day of time goal and editing before I get back to writing.

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