Saturday, November 01, 2014


that famous month when everyone writes a book. I've tried this before and failed. This time I am more prepared. I have a vague plan, and less fear. RULE: I will document each day after completion of my 1500 word count minimum. I will include word count, and self rating of work.
RULE: Days only end when I go to sleep.
I simply need to remember to write the words before bedtime.
RULE: rollover words count. So if i write 3000 one day, I can do 0 the next day. I can get ahead of the limit, but must never fall behind.
30 days of this will lead to a 45,000 word book. That will do nicely. I don't need to write a 7 book series a la game of thrones. Just something light hearted and funny and thoughtful. More hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Obviously it won't be that good. Perhaps I should find a rubbish book to compare my literary work of nonsense to, thus dampening everyones frame of reference before I talk to them. If you know a light hearted rubbish book, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Day 1 word count: 1639
Total word count: 1639

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