Sunday, November 02, 2014

day 2

when i write day 2, i always say it in my head in a geordie accent. I only ever watched some of series 1 of big brother and it is ingrained in my head forever, it seems. Though i did also watch dead set, perhaps that is what fused it in the wires in my head forever.

This week's focus is going to be order. To me, this will mean two things. One doing, putting first things first, in order, and at the right time. Not trying to do too much at once. This then follows on to mean focusing on the things I am doing. Concentrating on what I know I should be doing instead of thinking about the wrong things and the wrong time.
This will be much tougher for me than some of the other ones, so I hope to remember to think about this during the week.

Happily, I have already done my writing for the day. Both days I have enjoyed the first 750-1000 words, and found it tough thereafter. I hope this improves with time....

Day 2 word count: 1373
Total Count: 3012

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