Sunday, November 09, 2014

this week

this week, the focus is decisiveness


this can again obviously be honed on the poker felt and then applied to real life. you weigh up your options based on opponents, and betting patterns. You decide what your best course of action to take is. and then you do it. In poker you have the timer to force you into action. in the real world you don't have one, so need to make sure you remember to act. the balance between thinking long enough about doing something, and just doing it is quite key. the most important thing is to be aware of the results of your actions and remain aware and flexible to change your actions to receive the desired outcome.

these processes can then become internalised so that in similar situations you have an almost reflex like ability to understand the situation and how to respond. this can only be done when you are familiar with the situations!

it is important to note that results based thinking, while sometimes the only way to interpret actions, is not always the right way. as any poker player knows, it's about making sure that the decisions you take are the correct ones, rather than the outcomes that follow which are not in your control. being aware of this is something that i think poker players learn much quicker than the rest of the population.

in other news, the weekend was a bit farcical for writing. My day off spanned almost the entire weekend. I've almost caught up but am now too tired to do anything meaningful so will have to go to sleep. I will do 1600 minimum per night for the rest of the week to catch up.

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