Friday, May 01, 2009

month end

and after my best ever month i get my worst ever month
two -5K days at the end didnt help. i did complete the $4k supernova bonus points to soften the blow, but i would have got that anyway.

gone back to 1/2, and have to learn how to be patient and play well again.
much easier at this level, but im still making too many mistakes.

just finished 2k hands tonight, was down $1k at one point and decided i was gonna play well till level and quit, which we all know is a stupid idea. luckily im now level, so have quit, but am hungry and will be tired when i wake tomorrow morning.

gonna only play 1/2 all month. no matter how well i run. i'm hoping for a $10k month and 30k hands. aim for the stars and you'll reach the sky etc. though that's a phrase i have never understood. if you could reach out, you'd hit a star before the sky, cos the sky isn't something you can ever reach.

i'm probably talking nonsense cos i'm hungry so i'm going to eat now

so far: 2k hands, +$40

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