Tuesday, May 05, 2009

general retardation

i'm beginning to worry that retardation is more contagious and more lethal than swine flu.

firstly, i went to a shop yesterday to buy some bread. i asked for 10 bagels (yeh, i was hungry) and gave the guy a tenner. £3.50 he tells me it costs, and he hands me £3.50 in change before walking off. i call him back and sort it out. as i'm leaving the shop i decide to check how much food he actually gave me, turns out it was only about 7. so i go back again. i'm unsure as to whether he was trying to cheat me, or was just incredibly retarded.

then today, i started looking at this report i have to write. i might have mentioned these reports before that are a measure of how much faecal matter you can write on a piece of paper. they have a booklet that explains this work. when talking about finances and rate of return, they define two separate terms. payback and rate of return.
payback is: implementation cost / annual profit (ie number of years till payback)
rate of return is: 100* annual profit / implementation cost (ie a percentage)

the problem isn't the definitions. the problem is that they say that these are two different ways of selecting which is going to be more profitable. however, they will both always give the same result for which is most profitable.

i fear this retardation has rubbed off on me as i unloaded about 8 buy in's on the poker community yesterday. though it may have been running bad. i walked ak into aa/kk/qq about 110 times without winning once. i've become lazy about checking my play. two things i will do before i play in future is analyse my previous sessions car crash hands, and also do some calming meditation before playing.

now i'm down $800 for the month. on the plus side i've played about 10k hands already.

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