Sunday, May 24, 2009

first is everything second is nothing

i played three satellites tonight to try to get into stars's' (i think that is grammatically correct) monthly wsop tourney with 25 seats gtd. $650 is a bit steep to stump up so i played two $33 and one $22 double shootout tourneys. the $22 was a 6 seater and i won the first. in the 33's there was a lack of players so there were only 4 people in the first round. in the first a guy called with jt on an ace high flop knowing that a king and queen were coming. in the other, i made it through.

in both i made it heads up with a big chip deficit and managed to lose both. after my outlay i got back about $200, so in fact, second is not nothing.

i also have a special offer on betfair of free money if i play there soi will do so. apart from the slow, processor heavy, often crashing, badly designed software, i enjoy it there. mostly cos the opponents are highly unskilled resulting in much fun when playing as i play many more hands. this is aided by the fact that more than four tables don't fit on a screen because they are highly rectangular, and four tables means i can concentrate more on each table. oh, and i get bored so i play more hands.

anyway, its sunny today so im off out to enjoy it. i did get burnt earlier today (!) playing tennis. but all that really matters is that after losing for the previous two matches, today i won.

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