Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the classics

i started listening to some classical music as it is highly relaxing, even when driving, and they have lots of famous tunes. like many football chanting tunes
my favourite is the one which went (when west ham fans went to liverpool, back in the day when di canio still played there)

we've got di canio
you've got our stereo

things i do not like however, are eating and shaving. probably not in that order. on occasions (eg holiday) i like eating ice cream, but mostly it's very tedious. having to do it three times a day really grinds me down. trying to do it four times a day almost killed me. i then read on the internet that fat does not turn into muscle, but muscle turns into more muscle upon training. whilst this makes sense, and is hopefully true i decided to fully believe this without any further study as i want it to be true. i definitely see some potential in me as future scientist if i carry on these trends. (note: as we all know, extrapolation is bad, but as long as it backs up my results i'm happy)

worse than eating, is shaving. i don't see the point. people with beards tend to be accepted as part of society. so why do i have to shave every day? obv i don't, because i'm a lazy, but there are occasions where i have to.

example one: i'm shortly to be getting on a plane. definitely need to shave prior to this otherwise i will get stopped at some point in the airport. this used to happen to me quite often but hasn't for a while. part of me is disappointed when i don't get stopped because i think i look a little like a terrorist and racial profiling works so i should be getting stopped more often than not.

example two: my photo is going to be in the newspaper. whilst this hasn't happened yet, i probably need to look acceptable to the greatest part of society available, at least until i'm famous enough to not care. i could go for the trendy stubble look but the window of opportunity i have here lasts about 10minutes, and requires shaving a certain amount of time before said photo and i don't think i could plan anything that far in advance that accurately and precisely.

there are many other rules we have in society that bug me but i have forgotten them for now. i think if i remembered them all i would be permanently tilted so i'm glad i have the capacity to forget many things. i just wish i could forget some of the films i watched, especially the good ones. how great it would be to watch fight club or the usual suspects for the first time (and second times), many times over.

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