Monday, January 26, 2009

a poker post

i think i have finally finally cured my tilt

been feeling like this for a while (except for the 2.5/3 times i tilted this month, oops) but this weekend i didn't tilt at all.

my stats for this month are horrific. i'm $2.7k down, but my all in ev adjusted amount is -$637. so, obviously i not been playing well and/or tilting cos everything is negative. i have also however, had some sick variance. and i'm not talking about the $2k ev i've lost.
at showdown, over the whole of last year, 3 of a kind was my second most money winning hand. this month, it is negative!

ive had so many sets outdrawn by bigger sets and gutshots its unreal. but this weekend i didnt tilt, and ended up -600. ev adjusted would be +650.

much happier with my play recently, and expecting for the next few months to be good

i have had to deal with distractions recently such as spider solitaire. the 4suit version is addictive and infuriating.

also if anyone has ideas of nice (hot with beach) countries to live in please post in comments. i want somewhere somewhat civilsed, preferably where the pound (£££) hasn't been recently demolished. if kirsten and her straight teeth are there too, that would be a bonus.


Bruce said...

You should try meditation. I think its pretty good for clearing your mind and calming yourself so you don't tilt.

C said...

Cape town mate!

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