Friday, January 09, 2009

it's a new year?

i didn't really want to do a new year post. in poker, the new year means nothing. the only reason months mean anything is supernova status related. so i don't see the point in new year posts. if you have aims and targets they should have sensible time frame's, and not simply one year plans that begin on new years day.

that said, this year i will be counting how many times i tilt. i've known for a while that this is my biggest leak, so hopefully this will embarrass me into not tilting.

times tilted in 2009:2

i also noticed it's some weblog awards at the moment. how br000se and i haven't been mentioned is a tragedy. my technorati authority is currently 2, which would put my blog in the hidden gem category. so well done to all of you for finding this hidden gem.
the reason i say it's a tragedy is because i read some of the so called "humour blogs" and "good" blogs, and it is fair to say that they are all awful. so don't waste your time reading them!

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Bruce said...

Outrage! Other than Kanye, we're the only playas that got robbed and kept all our jeeewry.

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