Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i do wonder why some people get paid so much for marketing. i saw the latest windows advert yesterday even though it's probably been around for a bit, but i don't really watch much tv anymore. anyway, their slogan now appears to be
Windows - life without walls
i figure, without walls, it's pretty hard to have any windows.

the other thing i've realised today is that you can hold your breath much longer than you think. often there's no real need to panic and breathe cos the worst that will happen is you'll pass out, your brain will take over and start the breathing process. of course, i have never reached the point of letting that happen cos i get scared and breathe.

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C said...

Although the fact you remembered it so clearly so far that it has moved you to blog about it means they've done a good job?? lol...

Happy new year....

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