Sunday, January 04, 2009


i did have lots of thoughts in my mind this morning when showering but have forgotten most of them. i will try to retrace my steps (in my mind) and write them down.

firstly, i will randomly play a song from my ipod and see what it reminds me of. it will be from my favourites list, as i only want to hear songs i like. i came up with this idea all by myself (after reading about it somewhere else)

feeder, buck rodgers. reminds me of clubbing at uni, specifically the club my mate dj'd in. and an archaeologist who went there called dee, who i let in for free once. obviously i called indy (after indiana jones!). she was hot. i remember a random person coming up to me in the street one day, and all she said to me was "you're dee's friend who calls her indy" i laughed, not just at the randomness but also because i thought other people would have called her indy.

so i noticed a bruise on my leg today. very big and green. i don't remember touching anything/anyone for ages. i assumed it was from playing five a side football (soccer to the people across the pond) but that was almost a week ago. i played in goal and i think i made the best save i have ever made. i judge saves by the reaction of the other team. my previous favourite was when someone took a shot against me and he wheeled away to celebrate as i was miles away. his expression a couple of seconds later when he realised i had pretty much moved through spacetime to save it was priceless.
last week's might have been better! sitting on the floor (having already made one save, not cos i was bored) facing to the left i noticed out the corner of my eye someone shooting as the rebound fell to his feet. it felt like slow motion as i realised the ball was going to pass me on my right. i knew i wouldn't have time to reach the ball by using my right hand so i had to spin round and use my left hand. this was masked to most onlookers as my back was somewhat in the way of their view of this. somehow i got the faintest touch on the ball and sent it about 6 inches wide of the post. the look on the guy's face who thought he'd scored told me i did good. he just stood there for about ten seconds in disbelief.

in all this time there have been a few more songs that i wasn't paying any attention to. next up though is:

what a waster by the libertines. this reminds me of my friend who introduced me to this band. he always finds the good bands before everyone else and tells me.

so all this was to avoid talking about poker which has been terrible of late. last month after being up $4k down i finished $1.5k up. this month i've already been $4k down again, currently about $2.5k down. really need to concentrate and play better. if i lose much more i'll have to drop back to 1/2 just to boost the roll and confidence.

also need to get a new comp that can handle running a hud. found one for £500 but the effort of installing all the programs on it really puts me off. still, i reckon it will be worth it in the long run since it will be making me monies! well, thats the plan.

anyways, this post was long


Bruce said...

lol indy is a mad clever nickname.

Also, the move from 1/2 to 2/4 is hard. I've lost a ton of money trying to do that.

Mudwig said...

yeh, noticable jump to 2/4 and it has improved my game. just need to not tilt, have some patience, and make less mistakes and i'll be reech.

also i joined technorati but we haven't become famous yet :(

Bruce said...

We're almost in the top 1.8 million. We need to find more bloggers who can live up to our standards of excellence and trade links with them to further increase our authority.

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